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UpCart Folding Hand Truck

UpCart Folding Hand Truck
UpCart Folding Hand Truck
UpCart Folding Hand Truck
UpCart Folding Hand Truck
UpCart Folding Hand Truck
Carry 200 lbs. up and down stairs with reduced effort with the UPCART Lift. The UPCART Lift's sturdy construction and patented engineering allow it to haul up to 200 lbs. up and down stairs and over uneven surfaces. An independent 3rd party lab found that UPCART's require 64% less effort than traditional hand trucks. UPCART's are up for anything.
  • Designed to reduce effort while hauling 200 lbs. up and down stairs, and over all terrains, the lift is truly ready for anything
  • 4 position handle which extends up to 50 in.
  • Built for maximum productivity with durable dual-layer rubber tires
  • Large easy-to-hold grips

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  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: Product 138
  • Weight: 5.13kg
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