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07 Nov Best Beauty Products
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Optimization is simply the process of making something optimal – higher quality, more effective, just better. The bottom line though is you want to optimize your new and existing content to meet your goals. That likely includes all of the above, plus some more.You’ll want to implement the focus keyword in your title and metadata. Select secondary..
07 Nov Welcome to MD's Blog
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Choose a blog name. Begin by choosing a blog name. Typically, this name will be directly related to your topic or your name. It should be simple yet descriptive. It also needs to have an available domain. The best blog domains are one to three words. If possible, you want a top-level domain (TLD) that’s either .com, .org, .net, or .co. Get your blo..
07 Nov Traveling to Greece
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Your team needs a natural curiosity to stay on top of things and you can help them with that.Continue Reading BelowSupport them with resources and training.Encourage them to find best practices, tips, and guidance that will advance the entire SEO operation for your blog.Create a culture of sharing these insights and new industry updates. 6. Take a..
07 Nov Another Blog Post
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Longer posts will increase the value of your content if you deliver relevant insights.Here’s a little secret trick (well, not so secret anymore): If you prefer short posts, create clusters of short articles around the same topic and interlink them.Readers can easily move from post to post, and you kill three birds with one stone.Blog Buster 4: Not ..
07 Nov MD's Blog is Here
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When it comes to generating passive income, several ideas and strategies get tossed around quite frequently, one of them being blogging. So the question is, can you really make passive income from a blog? In a word, yes.Four Bloggers Who Make Some Serious Cash By now, we’ve all heard claims that bloggers can make six or even seven figures per year...
07 Nov Season Essentials
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Ready, Set, Blog!No one is saying that you’ll magically start generating $10,000 in monthly passive income if you start a blog. However if you follow the steps listed above and really commit to honing your strategy, you’ll eventually start generating a steady drip. At first, your revenue might be $100 per month. Then, it could go up to $1,500 per m..
07 Nov Best Feedly Blogs
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Every blog monetization strategy will look different. Some bloggers make 100 percent of their money from affiliate marketing. Others focus on selling their own digital products and courses. You also have bloggers who do a combination of everything. You’ll have to decide what makes the most sense for you. Step 3: Automate and outsource your blog.Suc..
07 Nov Introducing our Summer Dresses
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Be clear about which specific question each post answers and mention the specific keyword in the title and description 9. Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop – Always Keep Optimizing The only thing that’s consistent in SEO, just like in life, is change. Search engines dictate the algorithms, audiences create trends, and competitors challenge your position. You ..
07 Nov The Wool Jackets Are Back
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When you see your chosen keyword generate traffic to sites that answer entirely different issues, reconsider. Research Relevant, Current, Accurate DataContinue Reading BelowThe abundance of data that’s available on the web can be overwhelming. What metrics are most relevant? How come different analytics tools provide conflicting info? It’s becaus..
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