Be clear about which specific question each post answers and mention the specific keyword in the title and description 9. Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop – Always Keep Optimizing
The only thing that’s consistent in SEO, just like in life, is change. Search engines dictate the algorithms, audiences create trends, and competitors challenge your position. You never know what will change next.

SEO is an ongoing effort.
Here are some tips to help:
Continue measuring results and adapt your content frequently. Update posts that perform well with current information. Remove posts that don’t get read. Repurpose articles or other content, turn webinars into blog posts, etc. Identify new trends and create compelling new content. Test titles and images and see what ramps up your ranking or the readers’ interest.

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10. Aim for the Top – Go for Featured Snippets
Featured snippets are what Google considers the best answer for a specific search query.
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Making it into a featured snippet is like earning bonus points for solid SEO. If you figure out how to answer the questions people search for, your content has a higher chance of being featured. If that happens, you made it.

But always keep optimizing to keep that top spot secure.
Closing Thoughts on Blog Strategy
Your blog. can be a nice extra for your customers to get to know you. Or it can be a powerful SEO tool and exceptional learning portal all in one.

Your blog SEO is just like an ongoing marketing campaign that you plan, implement and measure. If, at first, the outcome doesn’t seem worth the effort, don’t get discouraged. It takes time to grow, but when it does, you’ll get long-term results and can then pop the bubbly.

The tips above will help you nurture your blog’s growth around a solid SEO framework, but the work is all you.

Are you looking for new ways to brainstorm blog topics? If so, you’re not alone. Business owners, marketers, and bloggers understand that content marketing is the best way to build rapport with their audience and secure more sales.

As you add more content to your blog, you’ll eventually hit a point where you have to ask yourself, “what on earth am I going to write about next?” This is a common phenomenon, especially with full-time content writers who publish 5+ posts every week.

If you’re feeling unsure and don’t know what to cover next, we are here to help. There are plenty of clever ways you can come up with new blog post ideas. Today, we want to show you some of our favorite tips and tricks for getting our creative juices flowing when it’s time to start writing.

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Use Google’s Autocomplete Feature Google is one of the best ways to develop new blog ideas. Believe it or not, 86% of all website traffic goes through Google. In other words, when someone has a question, wants to buy a product, or wishes to learn more about an industry, they use Google. You can use this knowledge to come up with powerful topics for your blog. We’ve had tremendous success using Google’s autocomplete feature when brainstorming.

When you go to the Google Search homepage, hr start typing in your keyword and look at the suggested searches. For instance: If you’re a content writer for an email marketing software company, you probably just got a ton of new ideas for your blog.