Longer posts will increase the value of your content if you deliver relevant insights.
Here’s a little secret trick (well, not so secret anymore): If you prefer short posts, create clusters of short articles around the same topic and interlink them.
Readers can easily move from post to post, and you kill three birds with one stone.
Blog Buster 4: Not Enough Quality Backlinks
Google wants to know who your friends are. I mean, they know just about everything, but you get the idea.

Creating an optimized blog goes beyond writing relevant, engaging, and informative content for your audience.
It requires promoting, networking, and distribution as part of the content marketing strategy.
To establish a loyal readership, you need to build trust.
Google is on the reader’s side, and backlinks are an important ranking factor. They are considered a kind of proof that you are a recognized authority on a subject.

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To rank well, you need established sites to vouch for you.
Blog Buster 5: Insufficient Domain Authority
Let’s stick with gaining the readers’ trust here.
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How can a random searcher be sure whether you know what you’re talking about?

Before they trust you, they’ll trust Google. The search engine won’t send people to your page on skincare if your company sells computer. accessories. The question you need to ask is, what expertise can you offer to your audience?
Your blog content needs to streamline what your brand stands for.

If you are clear on that, authority is a logical consequence. The search engine recognizes your area of business based on the relevance of keywords to the URLs of your domain.

Blog Buster 6: Targeting the Wrong Keywords or Search Intent Proper keyword research is still the holy grail.

Your keyword strategy is useless if you target the wrong terms. You need to identify the keywords your target audience uses to find what they need and effectively target them.

It means putting yourself in their shoes.
Evaluating search volume and keyword competitiveness won’t cut it.
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Ask yourself, Why and what does your audience want to read and learn about?

How does search intent alter the way searchers use keywords?
What intent does your blog satisfy?
Which keywords drive the most traffic to your type of blog or website?
These are questions you want to answer for your blog as a whole and for the individual articles, as well.

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There’s no time like the present. Take a look at the top keywords in the United States (i.e., what people are actually searching for) right now:
Blog Buster 7: Writing Without Optimizing
You need to think “optimization” before you even create the first bit of content… and never stop.
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What do I mean by optimization? hr After all, there is SEO optimization, conversion optimization, image optimization, and simply optimizing your content to stay relevant.