VIVOSUN seedling heating mat is designed for better seed starter / plant growth and flower seed germination / propagation.

Voltage: 120V
Watt: 10"x20" - 18W; 20"x20" - 45W; 48"x20" - 105W
Size: 10" x 20.75" / 20" x 20.75" / 48" x 20.75"
Power Cord Length: 5.7ft/175cm

Heat Mat Features:
1. Reliable Results: VIVOSUN's professional heat mat maintains temperatures in the sweet spot of around 10-20°F / 5-11°C above ambient air temperature - perfect for seed starting and cutting propagation; also great for brewing kombucha or other DIY fermentation projects - wraps around containers nicely.
2. Built to Last: Supple, flexible and ultra-durable heat mat, with a fortified connection between mat and power cord, water-resistance (IPX-4) that enables safe scrubbing and a 1-year warranty.
3. Stable & Uniform Heat: VIVOSUN's strengthened Alloy Nikrothal heating wire and heavy-duty PVC material ensure this durable mat never scorches your roots and produces lots of revitalizing dew when used with a humidity dome.
4. Best Savings in the Market: 10" x 20.75" mat is perfect for 1 standard 1020 trays, 20" x 20.75" mat is perfect for 2 standard 1020 trays, 48" x 20.75" mat is perfect for 4 standard 1020 trays and they're slightly larger than comparable mats on the market.

VIVOSUN digital thermostat controller allows gardeners to select and maintain optimum rooting temperatures for faster seeding or cutting growth.

Digital Thermostat Features:
1. Specifications: Input & Output - 120V/60Hz; Max current - 8.3A; Max wattage - 1000W; Power Cord Length - 5.9ft / 1.8m.
2. Solid Construction: The easy-to-grip hexagon controller is made from extra-fortified plastic and components that won't rust or malfunction under tough conditions.
3. Professional Reliability: Maintains a stable temperature between 68-108°F / 20-42°C (Fahrenheit or Celsius Readout) for your specific crops; the sensor probe delivers accurate readings in both cool and warm environments.
4. Eyelet Designed for Easy Hanging: Our temperature controller comes with a convenient hanging tab and a tight, angled socket to keep cords untangled and neat.
5. Compatibility & Safety Guaranteed: Compatible with any heat mat and ready to plug into North American outlets.
6. Wide Range of Uses:
✔ Horticulture: Seed germination, root development for cuttings;
✔ Animals: Terrarium heating, raising reptiles, amphibians, insects and small animals, heating mats for dogs/cats/pets;
✔ Home-brewing: Fermentation temperature management for wine, beer, kombucha, etc.

The Digital Heat Mat is designed to achieve the desired heat temperature within 5 hours.
To conserve power and increase the mat's effectiveness, move the mat to a more insulated surface. You can also add
a humidity dome to cover the seedling tray, which makes for heat retention.

Package includes:
1x VIVOSUN Seedling Heat Mat
1x VIVOSUN Digital Temperature Controller

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VIVOSUN Heat Mat & Digital Germination!

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